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Now that you have a topic selected for your dissertation, the real work of assembling the dissertation literature review begins, which consists of all those tasks required to properly identify and utilizing existing information from previously completed research and other resources. You are now facing one of the most challenging tasks in the dissertation process - the Literature Review. This section points out some resources that will help make these tasks easier.

The biggest reason why so many doctoral candidates have trouble completing their dissertation is because they get mired in the literature review process. There is so much literature out there it seems like an endless swamp. It all starts to look the same, and many people have a very hard time determining just where to start. Even when one does get started the problem of how to keep track of everything comes up. How should it be prioritized, indexed, and cross-referenced? Should a new software program be purchased (and learned)? To answer these and other questions, let's first look at what a Dissertation Review of Literature should do:

Almost immediately after starting your Literature Review you might be tempted to buy specialized software marketed for notes and citation management. Be very careful. Do not be swayed by promises of putting everything into APA or MLA format at the click of a button. Right now you need help to find and utilize those things that are useful. Nothing in APA format is still nothing.

Also, be very careful about software that forces you to spend time learning new procedures and techniques.

Doing a thorough Literature Review takes time. Each book, article, or web site must be read and reviewed for ideas that will help your project. Identify how each piece can help you, and where.

A thorough Review of Literature is critical to all other aspects of your dissertation! A good review is so crucial that Diane Kennedy, owner of the Academic Research Group, Inc. and one of the best-qualified dissertation consultants with over forty years in the field, recommends to her clients that a Literature Review be done first, before anything else!

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