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This site is all about dissertation writing!

    Dedicated to providing helpful information about dissertation writing and completion. Learn how completing a dissertation successfully is made easier with the unique project management approach used by the dissertation experts at

    Writing a dissertation. The mere mention of it sends a cold chill down the spine of many doctoral candidates, and for good reason. The attrition rate for All-but-Dissertation (ABD) doctoral candidates is often cited as 50% or more.

    Due to the size and complexity of the typical dissertation project many candidates are overwhelmed and cannot write a dissertation, while others have to restart it again and again due to mistakes and omissions. Many people correctly point to the tremendous amount of effort required to successfully complete a dissertation as the primary reason why the doctoral student attrition rate is so high, but they are overlooking another, not readily apparent fact. This fact is discussed below.

Dissertation Writing is a NEW type of Project!

    Ever since the beginning of his or her scholastic experience, a student's instructor has always assigned the task to be performed, i.e., the topic to report on, the book to read, the lab experiment to perform. Having the task identified by another is what students are used to.

    Dissertation writing, on the other hand, is completely different. Writing a dissertation is like writing a best-selling book in many ways. There is no one telling you what to do, you are completely on your own, yet you must come up with an original piece of work that other people will find significant.

    It is this requirement for new, original work that causes so many dissertation projects to flounder. Many doctoral candidates feel overwhelmed by this need to make a new contribution to their field. When this "new contribution" requirement is combined with the vast number of other tasks required by a successful dissertation writing project, such as those required for a thorough review of literature, many students have trouble even getting started on their dissertation project, let alone writing it. Hence the 50% ABD attrition rate.

    This site offers immediately helpful information on how to get started with writing a dissertation quickly and efficiently, without the false starts so often encountered in a writing project of this magnitude. Use the links in the left column to view information on Getting Started, Dissertation Topic Selection, and other pertinent topics.

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